The most contemporary version of terracotta. Part of the charm of Cuit lies in the chamotte, created from different concentrations of flakes of varying grain sizes, granting the collection an aesthetic halfway between traditional and timelessness. With a richly nuanced texture thanks to 3D.FIT technology, Cuit preserves all the charm of the quintessential ceramic raw material.

Cuit Bone

Cuit Grey

Cuit Clay

Cuit Terra

Cuit Charcoal

Cuit Bone Reed

Cuit Clay Reed

Cuit Terra Reed

Cuit Bone Ribbed

Cuit Clay Ribbed

Cuit Terra Ribbed

Nominal Size Real Size Soft Textured Anti-Slip
Ductile Relief 60x120 cm. 24”x48” 59,8x119,8x0,9 cm.
Ductile 60x120cm. 24"x48" 59.8x119.8x0.6cm.
Ductile 90x270cm. 36"x106" 89.8x269.8x0.6cm.
30x60cm. 12"x24" 29.8x59.8x0.9cm.
60x60cm. 24"x24" 59.8x59.8x0.9cm.
45x90cm. 18"x36" 44.8x89.8x0.9cm.
90x90cm. 36"x36" 89.8x89.8x0.9cm.
60x120cm. 24"x48" 59.8x119.8x0.9cm.
120x120cm. 48"x48" 119.8x119.8x0.9cm.
120x270cm. 48"x106" 119.8x269.8x0.6cm.
Mosaic 25 29.8x29.8x0.9cm.
Mosaic 55 29.8x29.8x0.9cm.
Spike Mosaic 22.6x43

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