With this collection we lean towards a rustic wood, where the presence of grains and knots is the delicate protagonist of the whole. A classic updated and oriented to contemporary style, which unites tradition and innovation thanks to the strength obtained by the surface with the use of 3D.Fit technology. A timeless proposal with traditional tints available in four shades.

Nominal Size Real Size Anti-Slip Natural
20x120 cm. 8"x48" 19,8x118,8x0,9cm.
22,5x160cm. 9"x63" 22,3x159,8x0,9cm.
22,5x200cm. 9"x79" 22,3x199,8x0,9cm.
Mosaic 330 29,8x29,8x0,9cm.
Mosaic 590 29,8x89,8x0,9cm.

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