This collection is inspired by the rich veining of pine to offer a collection full of nuances. Giro is available in three soft colours without losing the strength of a graphic that respects the intensity of the grain of the natural material. Intense characteristic veins that give delicate organic movement to this series that is included in our tribute to wood.

Nominal Size Real Size Anti-Slip Natural
20x120 cm. 8"x48" 19,8x118,8x0,9cm.
22,5x160cm. 9"x63" 22,3x159,8x0,9cm.
22,5x200cm. 9"x79" 22,3x199,8x0,9cm.
Mosaic 330 29,8x29,8x0,9cm.
Mosaic 590 29,8x89,8x0,9cm.

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