Livingceramics is now available on three leading 3D platforms: ViSoft, Spark Vision and DomuS3D. On these platforms you’ll find our products ready to design 3D settings and precisely, simply configure projects.


You’ll find our full cladding and paving catalogue on ViSoft, Spark Vision and DomuS3D. They will act as a support medium on which you’ll find the information you need to draw up proposals that help your customer to visualise a space as reliably as possible. Using these tools, you can design a habitable space and depict it with comprehensive product characteristics, colours and finishes.


Here are some of the features available on these platforms to help you choose the one that best suits your requirements. Make the most of them and prepare efficient proposals as quickly as possible:


This platform offers you the chance to easily present a range of products with an interface designed to be used by the end customer. The material consultation process is agile and well organised. In addition, final rendering offers high visualisation quality. The ViSoft YouTube channel offers extensive training to ensure you can make full use of all its possibilities. It’s a comprehensive service and a full solution.


This highly usable application allows you to create 3D designs with Livingceramics’ cladding and paving options in just a few clicks. The programme is designed to facilitate the space configuration task and you can find out more by downloading its full catalogue here.


This programme’s strength lies in its user service. It continually offers updates and support to ensure the user experience is as simple and efficient as possible. The interface, like the other programmes, is intuitive and quickly shows search results.


With these tools, Livingceramics aims to go a step further in terms of teamwork and in the search for solutions for distributors, architects and designers.