The Vonn series takes full advantage of the technical and aesthetic possibilities offered by ceramics to create a collection that is inspired by the most fascinating part of nature: its efficiency and ability to adapt to the environment.

Beyond a purely aesthetic projection, Vonn reflects matter in its natural state in the most faithful way, taking into account that matter varies depending on the place in which it is found and the conditions to which it is exposed.



Vonn has four finishes, representing four of the ways in which natural stone can be worked, depending on the use or aesthetics required for the surface where it is to be installed. The different technical performance of each finish is accompanied by different aesthetic and textural versions, thus reinterpreting the natural material at all levels.

Bush Hammered Anti Slip: Anti Slip certified finish for outdoor use, which represents an accentuated relief and a toned down tone. Changes that in nature would be caused by exposure to the sun, cold or rain. In addition, it presents a manual work with hammer, resulting in a non-slip surface that has been able to adapt to the environment.

Where? This finish is designed for exteriors, pool edges, terraces and the areas most exposed to inclement weather.

Class 3


Bush Hammered: A finish inspired in stone that is partially protected from the elements and therefore less exposed to the inclemency of the weather. With a slightly marked relief and a small and very smooth bush-hammered finish that slightly attenuates the natural tone without detracting from all the nuances and graphic richness of the surface of the piece. It has 3D-FIT technology, which allows the graphics and the relief to coincide to give rise to highly realistic surfaces.

Where? Bush Hammered finish is ideal for any indoor surface, including wet areas that require a certain degree of slip resistance, but still maintain the smoothness of texture that is sought after in such spaces.

Class 2

Honed: The softest finish that represents stone indoors. Here Vonn respects the graphic purity of the original material, leaving soft veins with very subtle reliefs. This difference in intensity is achieved thanks to the latest technological advances that allow the degree of relief of the surface to be customised to the maximum, matching the nuances of the stone surface with the graphics of the piece.

Where? In interior areas where the smoothness of the material, the graphic appreciation and where a technical plus is not required beyond that offered by quality ceramics.

Class 0



Natural: In this finish, the tile does not receive any treatment that modifies the surface. Each tile is composed of multiple ceramic flakes, which are compacted during the firing process, resulting in a slightly textured surface.

Where? The most versatile and widely used finish. Perfect for cladding, flooring and modules in general, where a balance is sought between stone aesthetics and the high resistance characteristic of porcelain stoneware.

Class 2

These four finishes make Vonn an integral solution for residential architectural projects and public spaces. Having a collection that adapts to the different needs of a project according to its technical characteristics provides key advantages for architects:

  • Maintain visual materiality throughout the project, with finishes that correspond to the appearance of stone in certain natural environments.
  • Provide visual continuity that blurs the boundaries between spaces and between indoors and outdoors.
  • To ensure the optimum technical and aesthetic response according to the needs of each area.

Formats and thicknesses:

The Vonn series has formats ranging from mosaic to large format 120x270cm.

In terms of thickness, Vonn is available in 6mm, 9mm, 12mm with Lithotech technical stone and 20mm.

It is also manufactured in Ductile®, the large format ceramic material from Livingceramics especially for cladding. Lighter and easier to install than regular ceramic tiles. Available in 60×120 and 90×270 in 6mm.