Casa Alquería

“With Bera&Beren we were able to connect the interior and exterior and make those boundaries disappear.”


Casa Alquería is a house designed by architect Antonio Altarriba, located in the L’Horta Nord of Valencia. The area’s warm climate and its proximity to the Mediterranean mark a typical layout comprising a house, courtyard, and swimming pool.

The L-shaped house is spread over two floors, leaving the courtyard, the main entry point for light and the undeniable star of the project, at its centre. The open-plan space creates a connection between the inside and outside that can be felt from the heart of the house to the pool, which despite being indoors, has glazing that allows it to be opened up to the outdoors.

“We wanted a material with the look of stone, which was versatile and came in a large format. The idea was to make the boundaries between the inside and outside disappear and we achieved it with Bera&Beren.”

The flooring is from our Bera&Beren collection, using the 120×120 cm format in Light Grey, a limestone-inspired finish which complements the choice of natural stone and walnut cladding.

For the project, Antonio Altarriba was looking for “a ceramic tile that looked like stone, came in various large formats, and was very versatile, so could be used for everything. We used Bera&Beren both inside and outside and by doing so, we were able to connect the interior and exterior and make those boundaries disappear.”

Proyecto Casa Alquería de Antonio Altarriba

“We used just one material for all the cladding, showers and even the swimming pool, thus ensuring total continuity.”


Moreover, Bera&Beren was also used to tile all the bathrooms, with a combination of different formats in Light Grey. As the architecture firm told us, “We used just one model for all surfaces, using different formats, covering the showers and even using Bera&Beren in the pool for total continuity.”

A project designed to make the most of the benefits of a unique setting, where the wellbeing of the user is the top priority.