The Vonn series is based on a fusion of marble, creating a collection inspired by the most fascinating facet of nature: its efficiency and ability to adapt to its surroundings.

Far from being merely style over substance, Vonn goes a step further by accurately reflecting the material in its natural state, bearing in mind that it varies according to its location and the conditions to which it is exposed.

The Vonn series has formats ranging from mosaic to the larger 120x270cm size, and is available in thicknesses of 6mm, 9mm and 20mm. It will also be manufactured in Ductile®, Livingceramics’ new large-format ceramic material especially designed for cladding, which is lighter and easier to install than regular ceramic.

Available in 60x120cm and 90x270cm in 6mm.

Developed to allow the same material to be used in different finishes according to the place for which it is intended, the ultimate goal of this series is architectural continuity.

The colours are also inspired by nature and with the most demanding architecture in mind.

Vonn Light

Vonn Grey

Vonn Greige

Vonn Anthracite

Vonn Light Loom

Vonn Grey Loom

Vonn Greige Loom

Vonn Light Leaf

Vonn Grey Leaf

Vonn Greige Leaf

Nominal Size Real Size Soft Textured Bush Hammered Honed B.H. Anti-Slip
Ductile Relief 60x120 cm. 24”x48” 59,8x119,8x0,9 cm.
Ductile 60x120cm. 24"x48" 59.8x119.8x0.6cm.
Ductile 90x270cm. 36"x106" 89.8x269.8x0.6
30x60cm. 12"x24" 29.8x59.8x0.9cm.
60x60cm. 24"x24" 59.8x59.8x0.9cm.
45x90cm. 18"x36" 44.8x89.8x0.9cm.
90x90cm. 36"x36" 89.8x89.8x0.9cm.
90x90x2cm. 36"x36" 89.8x89.8x2cm.
60x120cm. 24"x48" 59.8x119.8x0.9cm.
120x120cm. 48"x48" 119.8x119.8x0.9cm.
120x120x2cm 48"x48" 119.8x119.8x2cm.
120x270cm. 48"x106" 119.8x269.8x0.6cm.
Mosaic 25 29.8x29.8x0.9cm.
Mosaic 55 29.8x29.8x0.9cm.
Mosaic 315 29.8x29.8x0.9cm.
Mureto Mosaic 29.8x29.8x0.9cm.

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