This collection draws inspiration from wood, bringing out its most dynamic qualities. Intense knots and slightly marked veins become more striking thanks to 3D.FIT technology, a technique for achieving an ultra-realistic relief. Warmth, aesthetics and practicality in a single collection.

Available in Natural and Anti-Slip finish, Kora can be used indoors and outdoors to create visual continuity between the two areas.

Kora Sand

Kora Canella

Kora Autumn

Kora Cognac

Kora Walnut

Kora Sand Cozy

Kora Canella Cozy

Kora Cognac Cozy

Kora Autumn Cozy

Kora Sand Cabana

Kora Canella Cabana

Kora Cognac Cabana

Kora Autumn Cabana

Nominal Size Real Size Soft Textured Anti-Slip
Ductile Relief 60x120 cm. 24”x48” 59,8x119,8x0,9 cm.
20x120cm. 8"x48" 19.8x119.8x0.9cm.
22.5x160cm. 9"x63" 22.3x159.8x0.9cm.
22.5x200cm. 9"x79" 22.3x199.8x0.9cm.
Mosaic 330 29.8x29.8x0.9cm.
Mosaic 590 29.8x89.8x0.9cm.
Regulations Features Required Values Value

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