Rem features a wooden base combined with a texture of parallel lines to create a criss-cross effect in the final graphic. Each tile has a distance between the lines which, together with the contrasting wood, results in pieces with distinct graphics that create a rich visual effect. Ideal for indoor cladding and flooring, Rem offers a unique added value to wooden interiors.

As Rem uses the innovative Uno collection as its base, together they make a perfect duo in spaces seeking visual separation or extra dynamism.

Nominal Size Real Size Soft Textured
5x40cm. 2"x16" 4.8x39.8x0.9cm.
10x120cm. 4"x48" 9.8x119.8x0.9cm.
15x120cm. 6"x48" 14.8x119.8x0.9cm.
Regulations Features Required Values Value

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