Balance By Victor Carrasco

Living Ceramics presents the signature collection Balance, designed by Víctor Carrasco. This elegant design makes light the star of the show to create a perfect balance between the shadows and glimmers in each piece. It’s a subtle exercise in lighting on carefully selected materials that portray a collection of meandering lights and shadows.

Balance Clay 5x15

Víctor Carrasco’s hallmark: the synthesis of elegance

Víctor Carrasco is famous for his Mediterranean-influenced designs: sunlight, warmth and attention to detail are key. This style is reflected in the Balance collection, where the discourse centres on the material and the effect light has on it. It’s in this controlled simplicity, paying no heed to fashion or trends, where the collection’s charm lies.


Balance, a careful representation of light’s effect on ceramics

Timeless and striking, BALANCE was designed to create impressive spaces, removing superfluous elements and offering light’s heart and soul the chance to take centre stage. This simple element grants such great added value to the space where it is used. Its power is reflected in a careful representation of chromatic gradients, conveying interplay between intensities that makes each piece unique.

The seven colours available are Moon White, Clay, Olive, Pavilion Grey, Basalt, Silt and Ocean. These colours encompass nature’s essence and are available to the space in an endless number of styles.

Its 5x15cm, 5x30cm and 10x10cm formats adapt to the space, whatever its dimensions, granting it life and filling it with nuances.

Download the catalogue of Balance by Víctor Carrasco