By Victor Carrasco

Livingceramics presents the new author collection, with an elegant design that has light as its protagonist, creating a perfect balance between the shadows and flashes in the ceramic pieces. In the BALANCE collection, light is subtly applied onto materials to create a collage of sinuous lights and shadows. A timeless and somewhat unexpected collection; its main objective is to create noble spaces. Elegance emerges through the lights and shadows with great subtlety; reflecting its way through the piece, producing a subtle yet natural finish. The incidence of light is represented in the different formats, creating a certain relationship between the combination of the different pieces and finishes. Luminosity and opacity are reflected in this collection, these are brought together and supplement one another through their contrasting yet connecting tonalities.

In the BALANCE collection all of the superfluous and redundant elements have been eliminated and the pieces which make up this collection are defined by their exquisite design, which represents both the heart and soul of the light; an element which despite being so simple, brings great value to the space it complements. Through its well-thought out study of gradients, this collection looks to reflect the real power of this piece, using intensity to turn it into a truly unique element.