The Verso collection is inspired by Travertine sedimentary rocks, formed from the sediments formed in hot springs and waterfalls. The Verso Vein Cut finish suggests cutting along the grain, revealing each of the individual strata.

Verso Vein Cut Litht

Verso Vein Cut Classic

Verso Vein Cut Grey

Verso Vein Cut Arpa Light

Verso Vein Cut Arpa Classic

Verso Vein Cut Arpa Grey

Verso Vein Cut Arco Light

Verso Vein Cut Arco Classic

Verso Vein Cut Arco Grey

Nominal Size Real Size Soft Textured Bush Hammered Honed B.H. Anti-Slip
Ductile Relief 60x120 cm. 24”x48” 59,8x119,8x0,9 cm.
Ductile 60x120cm. 24"x48" 59.8x119.8x0.6cm.
Ductile 90x270cm. 36"x106" 89.8x269.8x0.6cm.
30x60cm. 12"x24" 29.8x59.8x0.9cm.
60x60cm. 24"x24" 59.8x59.8x0.9cm.
45x90cm. 18"x36" 44.8x89.8x0.9cm.
90x90cm. 36"x36" 89.8x89.8x0.9cm.
90x90x2cm 36"x36" 89.8x89.8x2cm.
60x120cm. 24"x48" 59.8x119.8x0.9cm.
120x120cm. 48"x48" 119.8x119.8x0.9cm.
120x120x2cm. 48"x48" 119.8x119.8x2cm.
120x270cm. 48"x106" 119.8x269.8x0.6cm.
Mosaic 25 29.8x29.8x0.9cm.
Mosaic 55 29.8x29.8x0.9cm.
Mureto Mosaic 29.8x29.8x0.9cm.

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