Bisel is the new collection designed by Víctor Carrasco for the Signature Surfaces series at Livingceramics. A collection which transmits the designer’s way of conceiving interior design and architecture, drawing from the essential to create pleasant, elegant and inspiring spaces. With ideas designed by and for people. 

As a starting point: a format, two surfaces and seven colours which will help you think beyond, giving shape to ideas and creating innovative compositions. An apparently simply proposal originating from a deep reflection on our behaviour and interaction with the space. A differentiation tool so that from my side I leave 50% of the design on the table, with the user completing the other 50% with their choice.

Nominal Size Real Size Natural
BISEL DECOR 15x15 6"x6" 14.8x14.8x1.35cm.
BISEL BASE 15x15 6"x6" 14.8x14.8x1.35cm.

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