The Cava collection, designed by LucidiPevere, falls within our Signature Surfaces range. This is a selection of collections devised from the creative talent of major designers and their interpretation of ceramics, along with our desire to contribute to the world of interior design and architecture by providing unique ceramic solutions.

Cava reflects the essence of its creators, the Italians Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere. With a creative spirit and authentic vision of everyday life, this duo of designers gives the raw material a twist. Using innovative techniques and unusual aesthetic resources, they have created a versatile, completely individual collection.


Cava Series in detail

The Cava series is defined by its mix of formats, engraved decorations on its pieces, and the interplay that emerges from combining colours. To understand the collection’s design capacity, it’s important to note there are two key points that make it unique and different.

  • Water jet incisions: a distinguishing factor in Cava pieces

Unlike the designs frequently seen in ceramics that have decorated surfaces, Cava’s strength and unique nature lie in the graphic patterns on its surface, which are created using water jets. These pieces, which can be combined with flat pieces, allow you to create an endless number of graphic motifs depending on the composition employed.

  • Coloured joints: the definitive touch

The series gains meaning when the pieces are installed with the joint in the chosen colour. The combination of pieces and their geometric drawings in conjunction with the chromatic contrast with the coloured joint create an unprecedented ensemble capable of granting the space an exclusive identity. From whites, earthy tones and blacks to the intensity of greens, blues, reds and yellows, every colour works with Cava. The art of composing, the pleasure of mixing, and the character sought for a space will act as a roadmap. Possibilities? Infinite.

  • The Cava colours

LucidiPevere knew they wanted to create a collection that reflects how they understand design while upholding the Livingceramics identity. Consequently, the pieces’ colours preserve the brand’s neutral, contemporary tones, with the distinctive element coming through their combination with coloured joints.


Cava Mosaic

The Cava Mosaic project is the natural extension of the Cava project, which is completed in small formats after having been enriched with standard-size tiles.

  • A world based on the triangle

The idea revolves around a unique composition matrix that uses a triangular piece. This piece can be used whole or it can be cut using water jets, via the technique employed to make the incisions mentioned above. The composition of mosaics is achieved by combining both elements, leading to different patterns.

  • Once again, coloured joints are the stars of the show

As is the case with the Cava series, the charm of Cava Mosaic can be found in combining compositions with coloured joints. In this case, the joints become another key component within the design in a game of positive and negative inversion.


Would you like further technical details on Cava? Download the catalogue here.

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