Ground Wall takes as a reference subtleties of the limestone of the Loire Valley, the texture of the natural cement and a smooth gradations of the clay to present a daring piece in its proposal, but versatile in its application in interiors thanks to the format 30x90cm, making it a perfect complement to
Contemporary Mixtures Surfaces. Its pieces, available in three luminous tones, are full of nuances through the different proposals of textures: Brush, which has a soft brushed texture; Tip, highlighting a set of lights and shadows in its application and Twist, a new chevron concept that confers a unique microtexture.

LIght Brush

LIght Tip

LIght Twist

Cream Brush

Cream Tip

Cream Twist

Grey Brush

Grey Twist

Nominal Size Real Size Price code
30x90 cm. 12"x36" 29.8x89.8x1.1 cm 32
Regulations Features Required Values Value
EN-ISO 10545 / 3 Water absorption Grupo BIII / E > 10 % E > 10 %
EN-ISO 10545 / 4 Breaking strength > 600 N > 600 N
EN-ISO 10545 / 4 Bendind strength > 15 N/mm2 > 15 N/mm2
EN-ISO 10545 / 11 Crazing resistance Required Complies with
EN-ISO 10545 / 13 Chemical resistance: acids and alkalis Indicated by the manufacturer GLA/GHA
Complies with
EN-ISO 10545 / 13 Chemical resistance: domestic cleaning products and swimming pool salts Min. GB GA
EN-ISO 10545 / 14 Stain resistance Min. Clase 3 Clase 5
EN-ISO 10545 / 2 Surface quality Min. 95% of tiles without defect Guanranteed
UNE EN 13501-1:2002 Fire Reaction Test A1 / A1FL
VOC Do not release volatile elements

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