Home for a sculptor


Living Ceramics “gave us the opportunity to design the project just as we’d imagined it”.

This home located in the city centre is designed to create a clean environment where every detail has been carefully considered. The light that enters through the two façades penetrates into the main space thanks to the absence of walls. Instead, there is a monolithic piece cladded with Living Ceramics tiles that separates the entrance from the kitchen.

According to Homu Arquitectos, choosing the wall tiles and floor tiles from Living Ceramics “gave us the opportunity to design the project just as we’d imagined it”.

“We put a lot of thought into choosing this collection. It allowed us to create more space in the environment, in contrast to those spaces with natural wooden flooring and more classic elements, such as plaster or wooden mouldings.”

For the architectural studio in Valencia, the timeless character of the Allure Collection in Light Grey was perfect for giving the various rooms and bathrooms a modern style.

As one of the key benefits, Homu highlighted how “the variety of formats allowed us to optimise costs and enabled us to design sculptural pieces, such as the monolithic piece that functions as a heated wall, as well as the bathroom for the master bedroom, which is like a sculpted piece.”

A home with an equal focus on both versatility and design, where the priority was functionality and aesthetics above all else.