The Cava Mosaic project is the natural extension of the Cava project, which, after being enriched with standard size tiles, is also completed with small formats. It basically consists of a single composition matrix that uses a triangular piece; this piece can be complete or cut at an angle with the same technology of water jet, already used previously.

By using these two simple elements within the same matrix, you get very different patterns from each other. The empty spaces, once they are filled with the joint, give rise to the true decoration of the surface. Once again, as in the main collection, the joints become design, in a positive / negative investment game.

What has always been considered as a defect becomes, in fact, the protagonist of the pavements and coatings, leaving the joint the task of decorating the surface.

Regulations Features Required Values Value
EN-ISO 10545 / 3 Water absorption Grupo B1 A / E < 0,5 % E < 0,5 %
EN-ISO 10545 / 4 Breaking strength > 1300 N > 1300 N
EN-ISO 10545 / 4 Bendind strength > 35 N/mm2 > 35 N/mm2
EN-ISO 10545 / 6 Resistance to deep abrasion < 175 mm3 < 109 mm3
Complies with
EN-ISO 10545 / 11 Crazing resistance Required Complies with
EN-ISO 10545 / 12 Frost resistance Required Complies with
EN-ISO 10545 / 13 Chemical resistance: acids and alkalis Indicated by the manufacturer GLA/GHA
Complies with
EN-ISO 10545 / 13 Chemical resistance: domestic cleaning products and swimming pool salts Min. GB GA
EN-ISO 10545 / 14 Stain resistance Min. Clase 3 Clase 5
EN-ISO 10545 / 2 Surface quality Min. 95% of tiles without defect Guaranteed
UNE ENV 12633 Slip Resistance (Pendulum Test) Min. Clase 1 Clase 1 Natural
UNE EN 13501-1:2002 Fire Reaction Test A1 / A1FL
VOC Do not release volatile elements

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