Tradition House


The company 4711 is a very traditional Cologne brand, with a long history. So it was a great honor and a challenge to develop a new design concept for the overall appearance within the existing classical building.

The design idea was to create a fresh, timeless and welcoming atmosphere in the new flagship store in a manufactory style. Therefore for the floor covering the decision was taken for a light coloured tile from the collection Bera&Beren; colour Bera white.
In order to fulfill the slip resistance guidelines, but also to have a more naturalistic surface, almost like natural stone, we decided for Bush Hammered structure.

This tile we used in five different sizes, such as 30×60 / 60×60 / 90×90 / 30×180 / 60×180 cm.


Laying patterns were developed, with these five formats, that are different to the classical way of tiling.

The ground floor, the open stairway, and the gallery were covered. Due to the big sizes of the tile it was possible to produce the steps of the exiting staircase with a mitered corner finish.

By using the special laying patterns, the structured surface, and the special way of workmanship we gave the flagship store a valuable and authentic appearance.

We hereby confirm that we are the authors of the project presented.