Els Cànters

“The fact that all the collections from Livingceramics can be easily combined with each other provides more design possibilities and can help to give a project its own unique personality”

Matiz Concept and the 4formes architecture studio have designed a single-family home with particular focus on a style inspired by nature. The combination of white and ceramics inspired by luxury materials adds warmth to every corner of the home, the customer’s main prerequisite.

The challenge was to find a material that was both resistant to the humid climates and high temperatures in warm regions, but that also added a natural touch to the space. Our ceramic collection inspired by lightwood meets both of these requirements and thus became an integral part of the project.

“The comprehensive solutions from Livingceramics enable functional spaces to be created from one single collection, which makes an interior designer’s work much easier.”

The exterior inspired by nature, with Lightwood and Bera&Beren

The Lightwood collection in a 20×120 format has been used for the façade, which is the same design that runs through into the  home itself. This wood-inspired ceramic is also used at the front entrance and in the perimeter hallway that leads to the interior of the home.

And as for the exterior, both the pool area and the pool itself have been produced using the Bera&Beren collection with an anti-slip finish, an essential feature for bathing areas, and the colour chosen was Light Grey. The same material in a 3 cm thickness was also used for the coping around the pool, in order to create a fully consistent aesthetic.

As such, the design of the outdoor area involves a combination of the wood effect of Lightwood, the stone effect of Bera&Beren and the white of the façade in particular areas.

Combination of Livingceramics collections inside the home

As we move inside the home, the wood-effect flooring continues to be the predominant feature. The versatile format of the Lightwood collection allowed this flooring from Living Ceramics to be installed in a herringbone pattern throughout the kitchen and living room to give the space a dynamic appearance. This was then finished with a perimeter carpet leading to the porch, where the flooring has been done using slats in the same material to create a sense of visual continuity between the interior and the exterior of the home.


Large-format design plays a key role in the living room, where one single large-format tile from the Allure collection in Light Grey and a 120×270 format is used to frame the TV area. The combination of the Allure and Lightwood collections creates a sense of warmth, which is in line with the overall style chosen for the project.

In the laundry room, White&Glass wall tiles were used to provide a sense of cleanliness and light, ideal qualities for a space where hygiene is the main priority.

The Bera&Beren collection in Beren Black was chosen for the staircase, which serves as a transition from the living area to the upper bedroom floor. The special tiles used on the steps help to give the staircase a uniform appearance.

Bathrooms with personality, with Bera&Beren, Allure and Cava

The guest bathroom has been decorated using the Bera&Beren collection in Beren Light Grey, with large-format 90×90 tiles. This design provides the space with a sense of visual continuity, thus making it seem more spacious. Choosing the Bera&Beren collection stemmed from the desire to create a timeless bathroom with a warm feeling, sharing the same aesthetic as the kitchen and living room areas.

In the main bathroom, the Allure collection in Light Grey and a 90×90 format was used for both the flooring and the wall tiles. This gave the room a peaceful feel with a modern touch, again creating a sense of continuity thanks to the collection’s large-format tiles.

The main feature in the children’s bathroom is provided by the Cava collection, whose versatility enabled the ceramic tiles to be combined with joints in various different colours, creating a fun finish without being too garish and adding a subtle splash of colour to the space. Cava White tiles in a 45×90 format were used to achieve this effect, with the vertical joints in bone white and the horizontal joints in blue.

A project completed using a combination of several different Livingceramics collections, highlighting the high performance of our collections and how easily they can work alongside each other.