Living Ceramics opens its first store in Foshan (China) in collaboration with Gearex Corporation. This new venture is the result of a consolidated business growth, with the company launching an expansion project in the Asian country just 5 years after the brand was created.

We believe that we are more than ready to take the leap into this great Chinese market. A society which is becoming more and more cultured and open to the world, and one which is certainly able to appreciate the value of design and exclusivity. That is why we are convinced that Living’s philosophy will be able to adapt perfectly to this country, currently the largest importer and exporter of goods in the world, and recognised as the main industrial power.

Thanks to the large-scale production plant which was opened in September 2017, Living has been able to accept the challenge of supplying the highest quality, exclusive products to the Chinese market. This large investment into state-of-the-art facilities was made with a clear view to the future, and it has enabled the manufacturing of large ceramic formats with dimensions of up to 320x160cm. These pieces are supplied to the furniture and kitchen countertops sectors. Over the last few months, Living has been developing new collections for the kitchen sector which will be presented at the next Cersaie fair which takes place in 2019 in Bologna (Italy).

Living Ceramics expressed their gratitude to all of the team in Guangdong, praising their outstanding attitude and dedication. Thanks to their professionalism and extensive knowledge of the market, and in particular their awareness of the needs of the Chinese consumers, this new team is sure to convert Living into a leading company in Asia.